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Mobile Aspects® is a healthcare technology supplier focused on delivering clinical process improvement systems using radio frequency identification (RFID) and other advanced automation technologies for interventional and surgical specialty care providers.    iRIScan is a versatile barcode based scanning technology used to track medical devices and supplies within the clinical areas of the hospital.

Product description

iRIScan is a versatile barcode based scanning technology used to track medical devices and supplies within the clinical areas of the hospital. Available as a standalone solution or as a supporting option to the RFID enabled iRISupply, additionally a web based reporting system and the ability to interface with hospital information systems allows for hospitals to achieve perpetual inventory management.

The Advantages of iRIScan

  • Improved charge capture and tracking accuracy
  • Automatic Updating of Inventory and Billing Records
  • Prevent Product Loss and Expiration
  • Eliminate Manual Documentation and Counting
  • Increased Visibility And Control Through iRISweb Reporting

Technology Deployment Options IRIScan can be implemented in two manners within the clinical setting depending on the clinical workflow and spatial capacity of your facility:

  • Via wall-mounted Console device with integrated barcode scanner. Commonly located within the procedure room or other desired locations.
  • As a barcode scanner placed directly on the front of an iRISupply Main Unit. This deployment option requires the purchase and implementation of iRISupply system.

It starts with Workflow and it ends with Effortless Automation. For clinicians working in busy, often hectic environments within surgical specialty settings, high levels of efficiency and productivity are essential. Too often, busy nurses, technicians, and other care providers are tasked with completing time intensive, cumbersome steps to support documentation, identification, and communication processes to manage resources. Whether using traditional paper-based processes or cumbersome, manually dependent technologies such as barcode scanning or button pushing, the limitations quickly emerge. When these approaches break down, operational issues emerge such as missed charges, inaccurate inventory levels, and incomplete documentation. Find Effortless Automation through RFID. What is RFID? Technology that is transforming care. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies have started to gain increased levels of attention within the healthcare industry as hospitals, physicians, and other care providers continue to turn towards innovative technologies to solve critical business needs. Common applications of the technology align with the utilization, accountability, and measurement needs that support clinical resource management initiatives. Examples of applications for RFID technology include tagging and tracking supplies and inventories, monitoring patient locations, tracking the location and utilization of assets such as beds and monitors, and even tracking employees within an organization. Learn more about how Mobile Aspects is leveraging this technology through a short demonstration.  


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