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Mobile Advertising Measurement Platform

Mobile Advertising Platform


AppsFlyer is the market leader in mobile advertising attribution & analytics, helping marketers to pinpoint their targeting, optimize their ad spend and boost their ROI.

Product description



One Universal SDK



AppsFlyer’s SDK is lightweight and can be integrated in minutes. Once integrated, you’ll be able to measure all your campaigns in a single real time dashboard. Because we’re integrated with over 1000 partners, it will make your life much simpler as you won’t have to involve your IT to integrate the SDK of every network you want to work with (not to mention the impact on app performance when running with a single SDK).


Unbiased & Transparent

At AppsFlyer, we’re raising the flag of neutrality and reliability. Someone you can trust that has absolutely zero conflicts of interest.

We’re not a media company, we don’t buy media or run campaigns, and we’ll never ever use your data for anything that is not related to the only thing we care about – smart attribution.


Robust, Scaled, NativeTrack Technology

Our patent-pending NativeTrack™ technology is a highly scalable platform that handles billions of events on a daily basis. At its core is a complex big data algorithm that utilizes a variety of identification methods – like iOS’ IDFA, Google’s Advertising ID, Referrer ID and fingerprinting – to make real time decisions.

This leads to highly reliable and accurate attribution that is intertwined with a robust analytics layer of post-install events to pinpoint the best media sources. 

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