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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management that lets marketers own the experience they deliver to their customers and prospects.

Product description


Be where your customers are 


Connect mobile interactions to the entire customer experience for deeper engagement.


Companies that focus on growth have to focus on mobile marketing as part of the overall customer experience. To ignore the preeminent channel for consuming online content, or to not strategically think through a mobile experience strategy, is to fail.

Small screen – deal with it 

Designing websites and email communications that depend on large monitors and big laptop displays to tell your story, just doesn’t cut it any more. And manually tweaking mobile-ready websites simply isn’t a scalable approach. Thousands of new phone and tablet models hit the market every year.

Optimize the mobile experience

Ensure that your customers get the best possible brand experience they can on whatever device is in their hands, today and tomorrow. Make sure your experience platform can automatically optimize the customer experience for whatever device limitation exists. Don’t compromise design and feature functionality; genuinely exploit what is possible when interacting with every consumer, regardless of his or her choice of Internet access.

Remember me?

For customers who do move between devices, it’s vital to remember the conversation thread. If a prospective customer has to “start again” just because they’re now accessing your website on their iPad, the disjointed web experience will send a very clear message: you don’t know me, I’m just another computer visitor. Truly connected experiences transcend different devices. They are ongoing conversations with real people—people who you ultimately want to become your customers.


Those organizations that embrace the small screen and deliver rich customer experiences through it will win the hearts, minds, and wallets of the mobile majority. The  Sitecore® Experience Platform™ enables you to own the mobile experience, too.

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