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Monitor and measure your sales prospecting effort
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One of the critical sales activity that is frequently poorly managed by sales people is their sales lead prospecting effort. Finding new sales leads today is extremely difficult. In fact this activity consumes over 60% of sales effort and yet this effort is not monitored or measured today. Take control of this significant effort and start monitoring and measuring your personal sales lead prospecting activity. You will need to show your manager or future employers how well you prospect for new sales leads. Read more on how nSight a new complementary service can help you take control of your sales prospecting activity.
Ask your peers for help with your sales and marketing challenges
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Selling and marketing to the modern B2B buyers has changed dramatically. Buyers complete 80% plus of their purchase process before they speak to a vendor. If you are selling to a prospect,, remember, they probably know more about you and your competition than you do. And if you are marketing to attract prospects, make sure you are marketing on the channels your prospects pay attention to. There are many theories on how you should sell and market your products, but there is no better proof of what works than by gathering the evidence from those who are succeeding, your peers. Why not ask them how they sell and market and learn from what works? nSight helps you connect with your peers. Read more here.
Three Reasons Traditional Searches Are A Waste Of Time
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It's risky to rely on standard internet searches for finding the best high tech business products and services available on the market today. While you will undoubtedly find some items that look like they'd do the job, you're unlikely to discover the best and most innovative offerings available.
Is Your Company Easy To Find On The Internet?
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To find 1200 mobile technology companies, we sorted through 300,000 web pages belonging to 12,650 companies. One of those companies may be your company. Do you think that active buyers would go to the same effort to find you on the internet? Not likely.
Your Internet Lights Are on but Is Anybody Home?
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The “Contact US” interface failed miserably - We attempted to contact 420 mobile technology vendors by calling them individually on the phone number they published on their “Contact Us” web page. We simply called each one to talk to someone about one of their products. To our dismay, only 28% of phones were answered live and how they answered was even more shocking. The rest failed miserably.
Now That I’ve Found You, What Do You Do?
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Searching for mobile and IT Security technology vendors , we discovered three major reasons why vendors are not catching their ideal customer’s attention. We wrote about two of those reasons in our previous articles: Three Reasons Traditional Searches Are A Waste of Time and Your Internet Lights Are on but Is Anybody Home? In this article, we present the third problem business technology vendors face: the lack of clarity on what it is they actually do.