Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprise mobility solution from Intelegain Technologies gives your employees the freedom to handle critical issues and make an informed decision without compromising on work quality. Our enterprise mobility solutions ensure proper co-ordination between on-field workforce and the company, by providing access to critical business details. We provide mobility solutions that configures and synchronizes data, ensures network and device security, and imparts a unique user experience.

Our USPs

Mobile Assessment and Strategy

Intelegain helps you design a comprehensive enterprise mobility guideline that makes good use of mobile as a new medium for your business to boost productivity and achieve the desired output. Our mobile strategy and assessment team analyzes possible opportunities, sketches a solution roadmap that determines the efforts required to deliver on the opportunities, and a communication sheet that specifies the cost and possible benefits of implementing the endeavors.

Mobile Application Development Services

We have over a decade of experience in delivering secure, robust, and dynamic mobile applications that help businesses market their service and track their progress. Our knowledgeable software programmers and consultants can assist you in getting an edge over competitors through their up-to-date knowledge of latest tools and technologies. Our team’s sound know-how about latest smart devices and features enable us to model solutions across mobile platforms. We have served clients across different industry verticals.

We provide

  • Mobile Software Product Development solution
  • Custom Mobile Web Application Development solution
  • Bespoke Mobile Application Development solution

Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Our Mobility Management solution ensures a secure and scalable mobile experience for users with a space for innovation, accession of new applications, and customization of their mobile handsets. Our solution enables you to remotely approach device issues, enhance settings, export software updates, and restore data. Additionally, our solution also enables management of OS, and deletes confidential data from the lost or stolen handsets

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Mobile Health Solutions

Mobile Health Solutions

ORCAS mobile health solutions can bring new behavioral health interventions to market quickly, positioning your company as a leader in Wellness mobile health. Our experience in the industry and innovative research and development lab provides opportunity for a long term partnership. Our products can support your company’s goals and provide a viable model for generating revenue.

Business Solutions

  • ORCAS partners with health plans, wellness and disease management companies and employee assistance programs to bring innovative mobile behavioral health solutions to their existing networks.
  • ORCAS offers several easy integration options — solutions that can stand alone, be accessed via a company’s current platform, and be custom branded.
  • ORCAS will work with partners to develop a revenue sharing pricing model that benefits both parties.


  • Partners can choose from our current menu of behavioral apps that focus on a wide range of pervasive health issues including depression, back pain, hypertension, relationship communication, adult ADHD, child asthma, and more.
  • A powerful data analytics engine and integrated screeners drive reports on engagement as well as health and productivity for measurable outcomes and predictions.
  • A proprietary habit-forming engine that adapts to any health condition, turning scientifically proven behavioral theory into condition-specific mobile interventions.
  • A health coach/counselor hub will be released in Q2 2014, leveraging our partners’ existing coach/counselor networks, where users can not only view and update their goals and health progress, but they can also get in touch with health coaches or counselors for additional support.


  • As a partner, your company will have access to ORCAS research and app development capabilities.
  • As an early adopter, your company will be one of the first to market with outcomes driven apps that engage individuals to successfully initiate and sustain behavior change, at a favorable price point.
  • As a partner, your company will have direct access to data that can integrate with larger data pools for deeper and more meaningful outcome analytics.

Together, we can engage people to take action on behalf of their own health and improve lives through physical and emotional well-being. Contact us to discuss our array of apps or partner with us to develop something new.

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